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Have a friendly Zoom chat with local people.

Are the days dragging a bit? Are you feeling a bit isolated? Please do join us for Tea@2

Tea@2 is a series of friendly online Zoom chats with other local people. A chance to get to know others and just have a bit of a laugh really. Each group decides what they want to talk about. We are still exploring possibilities so do come with your own ideas.

If you don’t yet have any experience of using Zoom, we are happy to try to help you set yourself up. You will need a computer, tablet or a smart-phone and Wifi.

If you or anyone you know would like to join one of these little friendly groups (up to 7 people) for a Zoom chat, we would love to welcome you. At the moment we are running three but more than happy to set up more.

Contact us on or leave us a message on 07961 669575 and let us know your email address, phone number and which days you would be free at 2pm to pull up a chair and a cup of tea and join us. We’ll send you an invitation.