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About Us

Wellbeing in the Weald aims to bring the community together in a fun and social way to highlight the importance of connecting and joining in shared activities – a key element in wellbeing and happiness.

If you are feeling low, isolated from your community, or a bit lonely, take a look at the activities we currently offer in and around the Cranbrook area, as well as our forthcoming events, and either just come along, or make contact with us to find out more. Sometimes, just connecting with people and making new friends can make a huge difference to your life. 

Come along and enjoy opportunities to become more active, learn something new, make new friends, meet other people to feel more connected, or simply to just get out and about and have a bit of friendly social interaction with others. 


Having people to turn to in life can enable all of us to cope better when things get tough or when our health isn't great. Don't be afraid to reach out and join in, everyone, whatever age, is very welcome. 

Toasting Drinks

Wellbeing in the Weald [WitW] was set up in 2019 to advance wellbeing and promote social inclusion in the Wealden town of Cranbrook and surrounding areas, by working with the local community.


We organise new, and promote existing, wellbeing activities, volunteering and other social events that bring people together on a regular basis, in particular those who are in danger of being socially excluded on the grounds of mental ill health, physical disability/illness or financial hardship.

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