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Our Supporters

British Pound Coins

As a Cranbrook based charity, we are very grateful for the support of local businesses by way of gifts, vouchers, prizes at events, products etc. Cranbrook has a very inclusive and friendly community where people are very sociable and helpful towards each other.

As well as the support from businesses and volunteers who give their time to help others, the charity also relies on grants to enable us to provide the services and activities that we do. 

Therefore we would like to thank, in particular, the following organisations for their financial support to date.

Co-op Cranbrook.jpg

Co-op, Cranbrook

The Co-op in Cranbrook kindly gave a grant to Wellbeing in the Weald. This helped us in our initial set up and in the early stages of our work. More recently it has supported our Wednesday Drop-ins.

The Samphire Trust.jpg

The Samphire Trust

This organisation is generously supporting the Men's Cookery courses for 2024/25.

NL Community Fund.jpg

The National Lottery

In 2022 we were lucky enough to receive a grant of £10,000 from the National Lottery Community Fund. This was a big boost and enabled us to increase the number and range of activities we were able to offer to local people.

PCP Logo.jpg

PC Phillips Foundation

This organisation has kindly provided grant funding to support our core costs and new activities in 2024.


Kent County Council

We have received two grants from KCC, both via their Combined Members Grant Scheme, with Cllr Sean Holden's support. The first grant was to help with the set up of Wellbeing in the Weald, and the second one for was our Mindfulness work in schools,  supporting the teaching of Mindfulness and related staff training. 


Henhurst Charitable Trust

This organisation has kindly provided funding to support some of our core expenses in 2022/23.

We would be very grateful to have additional businesses and grant providers who could support Wellbeing in the Weald by offering donations or grants, or in other ways, such as offering facilities for us to use, or perhaps sponsoring a specific activity on a monthly basis. Every bit of assistance we receive helps Wellbeing in the Weald reach out to more people who are finding life challenging, and to enable us to provide additional services and support in our local community and surrounding villages in the Weald.

If you are able to help us in any way, whether it be a one-off donation, and annual donation, monthly/annual sponsorship of a specific activity or event, facilities/building that we could use for an activity, or perhaps time or another non-financial contribution. Any help offered is very much appreciated.

Please contact in the first instance to arrange to have a chat with one of our Trustees. 

Thank you. 

The Trustees

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