Promoting health and wellbeing to build a stronger community

Who are we?

Wellbeing in the Weald came into being in late 2018/early 2019 by a group representing a cross section of the community including a local GP, Dr Dineli Charlesworth. She saw the need for something to tackle isolation and to promote improved health and wellbeing in our communities – an idea was sparked.

Our aim is to organise new and promote existing wellbeing activities in the Weald; including opportunities to be more active, to volunteer, learn something new, meet other people to feel more connected and just get out and about and have a bit of friendly social interaction.

We want to reach out to people who are lonely, isolated or feeling low to give them the opportunity to connect with others, make friends and feel supported.

We want to bring the community together in a fun and social way to highlight the importance of connecting – a key element in wellbeing. Having people to turn to can enable us to cope better when life gets tough or when our health suffers.